I have done various photography projects in Lebanon & the Gulf over the past 12 years, which covered a broad spectrum of categories, leading me to acquire experience in diverse domains.

My journey in photography began by exploring techniques with my camera at social events & automotive gatherings which helped me build great attention to detail, precision, & quality.
I then developed my interest in Food & Beverage photography along with styling dishes & table setups to achieve attractive images & content for restaurants & hotels.

   The comfort I have in experiencing new aspects and interests, whether in a studio or outdoors, gives me the confidence to keep expanding the scope of my photography career & broadening my vision. I like to experiment with different lighting techniques in both client sessions & personal portfolio work.

As of 2018, I have opened my own studio space in Beirut, Lebanon under the name of KIWI STUDIOS; where I collaborate with graphic designers, art directors, & creative people to achieve quality work for our clients.
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